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Jeremy and Dianna’s review of Fairbanks Alaska contractor and bathroom remodel

“Mike and the crew from Straight Ahead Construction did a bathroom remodel for me.  Our bathroom is on the small side and Mike put a lot of thought in how to maximize the usable space that we have.  The final result has been great and it really does feel like a bigger bathroom becasue of the thought put into the layout.  The crew was efficient, professional and did an outstanding job.  I would recommend them to anyone, particularly for custom jobs where you need a professionals advise.” 

– Jeremy Douse and Dianna Lienberger

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licensed bonded insured in Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks Alaska remodels


Post and pad foundation replacement on permafrost in Fairbanks, Alaska

licensed bonded insured in Fairbanks Alaska




Like many cabins and homes in Fairbanks built by rushed homeowners, attention to the foundation detail was lacking on this one.  Attention owner/ builders: when your friend’s advice is to take your time and do your foundation correctly do it!

Fairbanks Alaska foundation

The problem here was many fold. Each length of bean were three separate pieces poorly tied together with small nail plates on one side. The floor joists were not continuous either and butted together on the center beam underneath which adds to the complexity of replacing the beam.

foundations Fairbanks Alaska

We took steel I beams and prepped them for placement underneath.

replace foundation Fairbanks Alaska

and replaceing the foundation 10 years later in Fairbanks AK

I beams were placed on cribs we built underneath.

Tell your people that we adjust and/or level homes on poor foundations in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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When mushrooms eat through your roof….

While I was working on this home with my crew the owner told me the roof leaked. From the ground it looked like there was nothing wrong. I jumped up on the roof and after a minute found tht in one section there were mushrooms growing through the shingles every couple feet.



Just wish I had better pictures.


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Building a concrete bridge

I could not help myself from snapping this photo of these men working on a bamboo bridge under the concrete bridge. Old school bridge building

I can’t remember the last time I saw a concrete bridge being built, certainly not one where the concrete was hand mixed. You really need to enlarge the image to get a feel for the craftsmanship.

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finish basement contractor fairbanks alaska

Installation of an I-beam to carry load bearing wall into a living room addition

licensed bonded insured in Fairbanks Alaska


Lets start in the kitchen looking out the window into the new addition…

home additions in Fairbanks, Alaska

carryting load bearing walls to addtion Fairbanks Alaska

living room addition Fairbanks Alaska

addition to home Fairbanks Alaska

Window is out, wall is gone, I beam is prepped…gooooin’ up.

custom home builder Fairbanks Alaska  Fiarbanks Alaska building contractor

We’ll come back and finish up once the sheetrock is painted and dry. Looking forward to finshing the grand island and trimming it out.

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Winterizing Fairbanks Alaska homes

Ask Straight Ahead Construction about increasing the insulation value of your Fairbanks, Alaska roof.

Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks Alaska

Straight Ahead Construction also does window replacement and weatherization in Fairbanks, Alaska (not usually with chainsaws).

Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks Alaska

We also replace and weatherize doors. Please contact us at (907)978-3344 or on Facebook, Google, or TwitterFairbanks AlaskaThanks for stopping in!

Small bathroom remodel in Fairbanks, Alaska 1980’s built home


licensed bonded insured in Fairbanks Alaska

This 5′ X 6’10 3/4″ bathroom turned out really nice considering how it started. See for yourself!

  fairbanks alaska tile  fairbanks alaska

No point in posting before photos because they really don’t even look remotely the same mostly due to the nice color choices.

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