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Weekly round-up!

See what Straight Ahead Construction has been up to this week.

Building in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2014 is very busy and our clients are thrilled with the work. We started the work with some savage electrical presumably owner constructed work.

Fairbanks Alaska Electrical contractor

fairbanks alaska remodel contactor We ended up in the electrical because it turned out this home has no vapor barrier and the tub actually got ice build up in winter.  See more about Fairbanks, Alaska vapor barrier repair.

On Wednesday, I did some paint touch up to finish this small bathroom remodel.  The tile work really adds a touch of class to this house. See more about non conventional bathroom remodels we have done in Fairbanks, Alaska and more of our bathroom tile work.

DSC00293  bathroom   fairbanks alaska remodelsAlso on Wednesday, Brain and I made some Alaska birch window sills and this custom laminate counter.  See more of our Alaska birch window sills and custom laminate counters.Fairbanks alaska general contractor  On Thursday we added 10″ of cellulose insulation to this roof bringing it up to an r-70. Some long-term savings on heating oil for this Fairbanks, Alaska home.Fairbanks Alaska decks and siding   Home Additions in Fairbanks AlaskaOn Friday we demoed the deck and siding on the west side of this custom home I built in 2005.  We are putting an addition on this Fairbanks, Alaska custom home over the next few weeks. See more about how I built this Fairbanks, Alaska custom home.

Fairbanks, Alaska general contractor reviews


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finish basement contractor fairbanks alaska


Flooring install, cabinet setting, and Alaska birch trim and windows sills in Fairbanks, Alaska (Part 2)

 After the cabinet install, we moved on to tile on the kitchen floor and jatoba wood flooring in the main living area.

Fairbanks remodel contractor

Fiarbanks Alaska kitche tile

tile options for Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks Alaska wood floors

wood floors in Fairbanks alaska

in Fairbaks Alaska

We added a splash of tile for the piles of shoes from the piles of kids this family has!

See more photos of this work in our photo gallery. Or read reviews of this Fairbanks, Alaska general contractor here.


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Sealing tile and grout lines

When I started to write this post two years ago I was going to include some old school methods for sealing grout such as post tile installation of sealer.  I don’t do that though because it’s messy and a waste of time.  The only application I can see is if you use natural stone and seal grout and tile together, however, I seal natural stone in advance too.  So having said what I said I wasn’t going to say, I will say what I think is best..

fairbanks alaska contractors

Two things:

1. Use grout boost or something like it in your grout.  It seems expensive up front but saves you from sealing individual grout line.  Also, post grouting seal are only superficial.  Get deep with your grout seal.

2. If you re sealing natural stone tile, do it in advance of laying it and also use grout boost its a better overall product.  Do not use natural stone in wet areas.  Looks nice for a few years but your grout lines will eventually begin to crack as water gets absorbed by the stone.

That’s all I have to say about how to seal grout lines and natural tile.  Good luck with your project.


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Fairbanks Alaska best contractor

Another great impression made by Straight Ahead Construction, LLC

“Mike Knoche and Straight Ahead Construction undertook a major renovation on our 28 year old home during the summer of 2013. Essentially they took off the roof, replaced it with a new highly energy efficient roof, added an upstairs bathroom, and renovated most of the home from the top down.

Despite a very late spring that caused our project to begin much later than anticipated, Mike kept things moving along smoothly from one part of the project to the next. Plumbers, electricians, painters, etc., were all lined up and ready to begin work as soon as needed.

From the beginning of the project to the end, Mike worked with us to ensure that we stayed within budget while getting as many improvements and little luxuries as possible. Throughout the entire renovation (and even afterward) Mike was always available for a quick consult or to share his creative flair and expertise as we tried to decide on materials and fixtures.

I very much appreciated that the house and yard were kept as clean and neat as possible given the scope of work.

Our renovated home is warmer and more comfortable than it has ever been. The bathrooms and finish work are beautifully done. It would be difficult to overstate how much we are enjoying our “new” home.

Mike Knoche and Straight Ahead Construction will be our first call when we’re ready to build the new deck and stairs.”

– Linda and Mark Harriger Fairbanks

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Dormer bathroom addition

Downstairs curbless showera

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80’s style bathroom demolished and turned into hip walk-in shower

Here we removed the old steel tub and added  a tiled bench to a new walkin shower…


Best way to get a steel tub out of a bathroom.




Pink tile!


A marked improvement bringing this bathroom into the current century.


recommended contractor in Fairbanks Alaska

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New curbless shower in full home renovation

Straight Ahead Construction,llc is a full service general contracting operation with a residential endorsement. We specialize in home renovations, additions, kitchens, baths, and new homes in Fairbanks, Alaska.

ada contractors in Fairbanks, Alaska

This is the first of the two bathroom in the home renovation we started June 2013 in Fairbanks, Alaska

We removed the tub and had a Fairbanks plumbing contractor move the shower supply to the opposite wall.

bathroon renovations in Fairbanks Alaska

The idea here is that a wheelchair could be wheeled into the shower stall and a person could slide onto the toilet using the fold down safety to the left of the toilet.

renovations Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks bathroom remodel company

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Building a 16X20″ camera!

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Corner jacuzzi bathtub installation with marble tile surround

This jacuzzi bathtub installation in Fairbanks, Alaska. We used marble tile with glass decorative tiles.



Here we chose to mount the shower hardware into the tile base next to the tub rather than in the plastic tub itself.  Seemed sturdier.



The tile breaks halfway across the bottom of the window so we tiled the sill and right hand jamb.



A bit of the detail.

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Learn how this tile was installed

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We are locally owned, licensed, bonded, insured Fairbanks, Alaska remodeler and general contractor.

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