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Another great impression made by Straight Ahead Construction, LLC

“Mike Knoche and Straight Ahead Construction undertook a major renovation on our 28 year old home during the summer of 2013. Essentially they took off the roof, replaced it with a new highly energy efficient roof, added an upstairs bathroom, and renovated most of the home from the top down.

Despite a very late spring that caused our project to begin much later than anticipated, Mike kept things moving along smoothly from one part of the project to the next. Plumbers, electricians, painters, etc., were all lined up and ready to begin work as soon as needed.

From the beginning of the project to the end, Mike worked with us to ensure that we stayed within budget while getting as many improvements and little luxuries as possible. Throughout the entire renovation (and even afterward) Mike was always available for a quick consult or to share his creative flair and expertise as we tried to decide on materials and fixtures.

I very much appreciated that the house and yard were kept as clean and neat as possible given the scope of work.

Our renovated home is warmer and more comfortable than it has ever been. The bathrooms and finish work are beautifully done. It would be difficult to overstate how much we are enjoying our “new” home.

Mike Knoche and Straight Ahead Construction will be our first call when we’re ready to build the new deck and stairs.”

– Linda and Mark Harriger Fairbanks

Links to this project:

Removing and replacing the roof…

Dormer bathroom addition

Downstairs curbless showera

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Dormer bathroom added to 30 year old home in Fairbanks

fairbanks remodel expertsDay 1 from the inside (the roof came of first…see that post here)

Fairbanks alaska home renovationsFraming in the dormer as seen from the hall

Fairbanks contractor for additionsCouple days into the project, the roof on the dormer side is being sheeted and insulated (link back to see this)

add dormer bathroom to second story, fairbanks alaska

Above the now insulted wall from the hallway and below the shower (the roof is dried in, vapor barriered, and insulated)

fix vapor barrier in Fairbanks Alaska

Preparing another curbless shower stall for tile

Fairbanks Alaska caprenters

I know, you have seen a ton of photos of this window from the hall, bear with me, please.

curbless shower installer fairbanks alaska



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Curbless shower install in a non-conforming bathroom area remodel

finish basement contractor fairbanks alaska

Custom curbless shower remodel in Fairbanks, Alaska

This bathroom was not part of the original design of this house and was a closet before becoming a master bath.


The original remodel was a disaster from the get go. Look at how small the shower cavity is. The high point in the shower was 5’6″ inches. The homeowners wanted to install a simple walk-in shower stall but as you can see from the space, that would have left some wasted and awkward space.



Here we removed the tub and previous wet wall.


We went the opposite direction to include the angled wall as the back wall for the shower surround.


James fastens the Densheild to the wall.

After Ful access, ADA, universal design showers and bathrooms

Let’s revisit before


This shower has a zero profile transition from floor into the shower.

Recommnded contractors in Fairbanks

tile contractor in Fairbanks, Alaska

We install curbless tile showers

We install curbless showers for full access

Previously curbless showers were thought of as an ADA use only but now in Fairbanks we are moving towards “Universal Design”. The concept being that you plan for the future today.  New homes should have some design incorporated that allows for any disabled, short or long term, person to use the facilities. Plan design in advance allows for control over the way it looks and saves 10’s of 1000’s of dollars down the road on remodels.  If you are building a custom home in Fairbanks, Alaska, contact us about Universal Design ideas.

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Still winter here!

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