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Framing a home on a block foundation. Fall/winter 2013.

October is actually one of my favorite times to be working outside in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Generally, for the last few years, the first two weeks of October have been stellar weather.  So far, it’s true.

frming carpenters in Fairbanks Alaska

Well, on day two we had some snow.  See how the thickened slab below the lines we snapped stayed warmer and melted the snow.



Bruce and George check variation in the concrete slab while I shoot the laser.



Furred out walls in front of concrete block complete, now for interior walls.






DSC02442Now the stair well is obvious as is the opening for the support where the masonry stove will rest.

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Here the roads are built by hand…


The streets of Ecuador are a far cry from we are used to.  Here men build the roads piece by piece, brick by brick. With low wages and no union these guys work from sun up until, well, I don’t know.  They were still working when I passed them at 9:30 pm last night.


On the sides, the men stand and chip the edges of the bricks with their tools. The man laying the bricks calls for bricks chipped in a certain way and they fly towards him.  If the brick fits, he gingery taps it into place, if not it flies back to the chipper.

DSC01517The materials.


The wet saw is used to cut the straight edges the line the edges of the streets (see above and below).  It was good to see that one man on the crew had hearing protection on.



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