Rotten window jams and window repairs

This Fairbanks, Alaska home was built during the building boom of the 1990’s.  I actually did some of the finish work on it while working for another general contractor. Whoever installed the windows did not seal them properly which caused drafts and poor moisture control. I do not have great photos of the slime as I was not on site when my then lead carpenter started the project but here is some of the window sill production and replacement.

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window replacement fairbanks alaskaWe replaced 3 windows and 6 sills in this house.

 Fairbanks Alaska finish carpenterThe basement block was pretty out of square which made the sill “ears” a bit of a challenge.

Interior Alaska finish workLuke stands by one of the 8’+ sills

Fairbanks Alaska window replacement


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Fairbanks Alaska best contractor


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