Installing metal trusses on a frame home in Ester, Alaska

photo 1Straight Ahead Construction llc began to put this roof on in late October. This was our first time dealing with steel trusses.  The steel trusses were part of the original plan before we came on to the project.

photo 3

photo 2  In retrospect we found the steel trusses to be more time consuming on installation due to the number of different fasteners needed and that the fasteners were all screws.  Nailing with pneumatic guns is certainly faster.  Unfortunately, we were overtaken by snow, freezing rain, and frigid cold before we could get the tin down.  Once we had the plywood sheeting down I did not feel comfortable putting vitchithane on the icy roof and then trying to get the tin correctly installed. When  you have come this far and spent this much money there is no reason to force the situation and risk a potential failure down the road on a brand new home. Now we will get out there once the nice weather returns.

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