Work hard, play harder! Denali National Park

It was a long week but the end goal made it all worth it. We drove to Denali National Park where the roads are closed to motorized traffic at mile 30 (of the ~90 miles road) this time of year. It’s also the best month for Denali to be out of the clouds.DSC02936

End game.

We did not have watches or cell phones so I don’t know how long the 34 mile and 3300 foot gain bike ride took but this is what it looked like just when we arrived.


Climbing up into Sable Pass from the Teklanika River we saw a sow grizz with 2 cubs grubbing for roots or ground squirrels.


My friend Leslie and I in Sable Pass.


Little more Sable


You can see Leslie on the left of this panoramic.


Another Panorama, this time from Polychrome Pass where we also ram into 3 sheep  on the side of the road. Ram.  Get it?



We stopped for dinner between Thoroughfare Pass and Stoney Pass

DSC02903The Big One came into view at Thoroughfare Pass.


Again the view from our campsite.  Just imagine you are the only 2 people in the world with that view in that moment.


Not a bad view to wake up to.DSC02941

Leslie takes it in. My new Trek 520 has proven itself to be a bad ass machine! I need to spend more Saturday nights like this!



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