How I repaired the vapor barrier in an old roof?

This home in Fairbanks, Alaska was built in the mid 80’s when the cost heating oil was not even considered an issue. As a result many homes in Fairbanks, Alaska have a poor or  non-existent vapor barrier.  There are some solutions to improve or replace the vapor barrier in an old home.  Here we see what I did to add a vapor barrier to an old roof.

IMG_0312The attic crawl space had some visqueen but it was not properly sealed so really did not provide a vapor barrier. The VB Doctor is seen here placing a new VB layer and sealing it with black death. After the new VB was installed in the attic space, we put 5/8″ sheet rock up to fire protection and to provide a backer for the spray foam.



Fairbanks Alaska roof vapor barrier repair

roof vapor barrier repair in Fairbanks, AlaskaBoth sides of the roof were sprayed and filled with 1 1/2″ of foam insulation the provide a vapor barrier and increased insulation. We hammer tacked the visqueen to the sheet rock so the heat created by the foam did not create bubbles in the plastic which would reduce the r-value of the insulation.

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2 responses to “How I repaired the vapor barrier in an old roof?

  • Andy, The Roofer

    Hmm, so just because heating oil was so cheap the homes where built without a vapor barrier? It seems like in Alaska, (where I get the impression that the elements are harsh) the homes would want to take advantage of any resource to help improve the quality of living. maybe I don’t know enough Alaska though.
    Anyways nice article! Quite descriptive and some nice pictures.

    • Mike Knoche

      Well back when oil was cheap no one really worried about the cost of heating a home. Now people are building smarter. Even in cold climes of the lower 48 homes should be 2X6 with vapor barriers.

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