Leveling home built on permafrost

A huge number of homes have been built on permafrost in Fairbanks. I have built two on frost myself, improving the foundation on the second but even so permafrost seems to be thawing more rapidly these days.  The main reason to keep your house in check is that you don’t break your septic line and have to do extensive interior remodeling because of cracked sheetrock and damaged door jambs.

One corner of this house in Goldstream Valley was out 9 inches from the high point.

home foundation adjustments in Fairbanks Alaska

It’s not easy to see but this skirting on the low corner was about 14 inches in the air when we were done.

foundation adjustment and lelveling company Fairbanks

fairbanks alaska general contrctor new and old construction

There were no major mishaps on this job.  The septic line disconnected at a slip joint which was easily fixed and some of the doors that were reset between adjustments did not open and close well but that is par for the course.

Please contact Straight Ahead Construction about leveling your home. See our testimonials or visit our website for more information.


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