Dormer bathroom added to 30 year old home in Fairbanks

fairbanks remodel expertsDay 1 from the inside (the roof came of first…see that post here)

Fairbanks alaska home renovationsFraming in the dormer as seen from the hall

Fairbanks contractor for additionsCouple days into the project, the roof on the dormer side is being sheeted and insulated (link back to see this)

add dormer bathroom to second story, fairbanks alaska

Above the now insulted wall from the hallway and below the shower (the roof is dried in, vapor barriered, and insulated)

fix vapor barrier in Fairbanks Alaska

Preparing another curbless shower stall for tile

Fairbanks Alaska caprenters

I know, you have seen a ton of photos of this window from the hall, bear with me, please.

curbless shower installer fairbanks alaska



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