Deep soaking tub (6’X3’X2′) with subway tile surround in Ester, Alaska

This is the original bathroom in October.

After all the gutting and plumbing is done its time for the tub install.  This tub had minimum clearance underneath and was on slab on grade.  For this reason I had to cheat it off the ground an 1 1/2″.

There was a fair amount of feathering out the joint between the sheetrock and tile backer because the interior walls were hung in 5/8″ rock.  For more tips on floating out joints and /or repairing sheetrock see my post “How I repair sheetrock”.

Now the walls are prepped and ready for tile.  On the back wall you will  note where I keep working on flattening the wall.  There was a nasty bow in the exterior wall that I did not notice until later.  Ah, the charm of the remodel. To learn more about installing subway tile link to “How I install subway tile”.

And voila…

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