Building a log home (Part 3- Trusses on the roof)

Truss day.  Lots of people to help stand these trusses.  Fairbanks Truss manage to get down the narrow driveway.  We laid this out and cut some blocking the previous day.  To see the double wall construction link back to “…Part 2”  of this home.

The longest truss is 28 feet.  They are all 11 1/2 feet tall.

Swinging out over the guest cabin.

The boom did not have the reach to get across to the west gable end so we set them down as close as we could, sheeted the gable end, and stood it.  We built a temporary wall in the center of the room to support the truss peaks.

There are no photos while rolling trusses because everyone needs to be on task.  Taking pictures is a distraction.

Above- The east gable end is sheeted on the ground before operator Jay put this lat one exactly into place with no adjustments necessary. He’s done this a couple times.

Above and below gable shot before and after sheeted gable went up.

Eve on.

South side sheeted with 5/8 inch CDX plywood.

A little head scratching on another architectural detail above the bay.

Below is the detail worked out.

Roof is sheeted and ready for felt (tar paper).  We should have that done and some tin on the roof today.  Photos of the finished roof next Thursday. Any questions?

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