Should you replace the windows in your home?

We all have the home we bought or built and nearly every house built when fuel was cheap can use some help. Replacing windows and doors is a great place to start your home upgrade. This actually is my highest recommendation of how to get the most out of investing in the home you have and here is why. Recently I was installing an egress window in a bedroom of a mortgaged home as a requirement by the bank. We popped out the old window trim and found no insulation between the window and framing and some serious rotten wood from not being properly tied to the vapor barrier.  That was a huge oversight on the builders side of things and very simple to fill even in the early 80’s when the house was built.  The double paned window that we pulled out was probably the height of window technology at the time which would not even show up in a market today.  We added the new double paned window, foamed between the window and framing, and then brought the vapor barrier over before sheetrocking. One the owner heard and saw what was going on we decided that we should replace all windows in that part of the house.  He plans to continue replacing windows over time.

Some of the issues with windows are not obvious just by looking at them.  Sometimes you have to pull of some trim to see whats really going on and its worth it because why heat the outside of your house?  The number home heating days in Fairbanks is obviously much higher than other places.

Next week I will talk about vapor barriers,their importance, and how to upgrade your home to have one if it does not already have one.

Do you have questions about replacing windows in your home?  Post a comment or question here or on our Facebook page.

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Question:  Why did I use a double instead of triple paned window?


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